Do Slingz come in different sizes and colors?:

Yes! Slingz come in adult and kid sizes as well as several awesome colors! Each set has different sized laces so you can customize to your comfort level! 


Are Slingz easy to install?:

Yes! It will depend on the type of shoe and it’s eyelets but we have several helpful tips and tutorials on our install page! Check it out here (How to Install) 


Do Slingz snap or break easily?

No! Slingz are made of a super strong silicone and will hold up nicely with normal use. We do not recommend removing them and reinstalling them multiple times as that will jeopardize the integrity and strength of the Slingz.


How can I clean My SLingz? 

Slingz are waterproof and very easy to clean. 

Just a damp cloth to wipe them down will give them a brand new look! Watch our tutorial video for more tips on maintaining your Slingz!  


My Slingz are too tight, can I adjust them somehow? 

Yes! Depending on how many eyelets your shoes have, you should have a few Slingz left over. Use the spare Slingz to adjust the tightness, you can also refer to our installation page and check out the criss cross patterns that can also help adjust the comfort level.